Transform an average suburban house into the ultimate party venue with our speaker hire, disco lighting and fog machines.
Our speakers have an ipod connection so you can play whatever you want at a fraction of the cost of hiring a DJ. Our speakers also come with a microphone so you can make speeches and announcements.
Combine the speakers with disco lighting and a fog machine and BOOM! Your house is a nightclub!




Skytec 15 inch 800 watt speakers
-2 speakers
-Speakers stands
-i–Pod connection cord



DJ wash light

This strip light features four pods of LEDS in red, green, blue and amber. It is sound reactive and so ‘chases’ the beat of the music.



Full colour laser light

This laser light is full colour and can be set to automatic or sound reactive. A huge hit with guests!


Smoke machine

Your guests will know you are serious about partying when they see that you have hired a smoke machine for your party. We highly recommend getting one of these to complete the ‘home nightclub experience’