* Suitable, Safe and Fun for All Ages!

Whether you are organising a birthday party for your son or planning a major corporate product launch for your company, we have a fantastic selection of jumping castles in Melbourne available for you to hire, one of which is sure to be just right for your forthcoming event. Unlike many other suppliers, we have castles suitable for both children and adults so size and age is no barrier to fun when dealing with us! Call today and take advantage of our highly competitive rates and excellent customer service.

Cheap Jumping Castle Hire in Melbourne for Kids Parties

Children of all ages love our castles and because every member of our set-up team is a highly trained professional, you will never have any safety concerns as far as our jumping castle hire Melbourne service is concerned. From Disney-themed, fully enclosed models for youngsters to traditional open-front models for older children and teenagers, we have the perfect castle for every age group. If you are hosting a party to which children of varying ages have been invited, you can, of course, hire more than one castle to keep everybody happy.

Choosing a Jumping Castle for Hire in Melbourne

While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing bouncy castles, you should consider the type of event you are organising, along with the age of the guests you are expecting, when making your selection. As mentioned earlier, Disney-themed castles, such as our Frozen jumping castle, are a great choice for younger children while one of our medieval-style knights castles would be ideal for older children and adults. If you are not sure which style will be best for your event, feel free to call and ask for advice.

Great Fun at Affordable Prices

We appreciate the fact that most people have a budget in mind when making plans for special occasions, which is why we strive to keep our rates as low as possible, across our entire range. If you are looking for cheap jumping castle hire in Melbourne but you do not want to compromise on quality, call Bongo Bounce Party Hire right now!

Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne

If you are looking for fantastic jumping castle hire for kids in Melbourne, look no further! We select the most popular themed castles (including Frozen Jumping Castle) and open front style castles.

Want your child’s party to be awesome?

So do we.

We make the booking process easy and it is why we make sure we are never late. We only buy the safest kids jumping castles available in Australia. . All of our castles comply with strict Australian Standards and we pay extreme detail to the set up process to make sure they are set up as safe as they can be.

We are customer service experts based in Melbourne who go out of our way to give you the best bouncy castle experience you can have.




Frozen small jumping castle

Frozen is one of the most popular children’s movies of recent times and our Frozen Jumping Castle is one of our most popular castles.

It is also slightly smaller than our medium jumps and so if you have a smaller back yard, this will be perfect for you.

If you are hosting a Frozen themed birthday party, you simply cannot go past our Frozen jumping castle.


It measures 3.15m in width, 3.46m in length and 3.81m height

Space required:  5.2m width, 6.5m length and 4.3m height



4 hours: $160

7 hours: $190

Overnight: $230

Junior Knights Castle



‘Perfect for adult parties, the Junior Knight’s castle is the best and most well priced adult castle you can find. Traditional open front style and made to handle the big kids, it is an awesome castle with a fantastic price. It measures 4.5m wide, 5.5m long and 5.25m high. . Pure adult radness.

4 hours: $260

7 hours: $320

Overnight: $390

Space required: 6.5m width x 9.2m length x 6m height (needs access of 1m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area)


“The Royal Bouncer”


Bounce like royalty on this traditional open front castle. This is a great castle that is 4m wide, 4m long and 4m high.  All the royal subjects will have a ball on this one!

4 hrs: $180
7 hrs: $210
Overnight: $250

Space required: 6m width x 7m length x 5m height (needs access of 0.8m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area)







“Toy Story 3”, Five in One Combo


The rumour mill is saying that ‘Toy Story 3’ could win an Oscar this year. The fact mill is saying that this jumping castle is brilliant! So much more than a jumping castle, this is a five in one combo with basketball hoop, slide, stair climb, pop up obstacles and a log obstacle. When your kids see this in the backyard they will come very close to physically exploding with excitement. (BONGO BOUNCE PTY LTD accepts no responsibility should this occur). It is 5.49m long, 5.8m wide and 4.6m high. An absolute crowd pleaser!

4 hours: $320
7 hours: $350
Overnight: $400

Space required: 8m width x 8.5m length x 5.2m height (needs access of 1.1m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area)


“Knight’s Castle”



This traditional style open front jumping castle is perfect for big events like school fetes and corporate events and is suitable for adults (so all the kings and queens can join in). It is nice and big (7m wide, 7m long and 5.2m high) and really draws a crowd. It is a fantastic fundraiser.

Private hire:
4 hours: $380
7 hours: $430
Overnight: $490

Space required: 9m width x 11m length x 6m height (needs access of 1.1m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area)



“Scooby Doo” Combo (features slide and basketball ring)



Q)Scooby dooby doo where are you?
A) In your backyard if you hire me.
This one is a real hit. It looks fantastic in the backyard and the kids love it. It has a slide and a basketball hoop inside for added fun.
It is 4.83m wide, 5.59m long and 4.42m high.

4 hours: $260
7 hours: $300
Overnight: $350

Space required: 6.8m width x 8.6m length x 5m height (needs access of 1m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area) 


“Go Diego Go” Medium Jumper



Just like Madonna, Cher, Sly and Arnie, this 8 year old bilingual animal rescuer has no need for his surname. He also needs no introduction. Mums and Dads I am sure you know who Diego is by now! He is willing to give up a day of saving the lives of animals to be the life of your party. Girls, boys, dinosaurs, baby Jaguars, everyone loves Diego! This jumper is 3.76m long, 4.07m wide and 3.87m high. Go Diego Go!


4 hours: $170
7 hours: $200
Overnight: $240

Space required: 6m width x 7m length x 4.5m height.  (needs access of 0.8m width to wheel castle from street to set-up area)